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Employee List

Employees List      
  Designation Name Posted Since  
  Director Shri K. Baruah 28-09-2005  
(A) Employees of Scientific & Technical (S&T) Section    
Sl No Name Designation Posted at Employment Status
1 Sri Manab Kalita Additional Director (Technical) Silchar EC Regular
2 Sri Raju Sharma Deputy Director (Technical) Tezpur EC Regular
3 Sri Rintu Das Deputy Director (Technical) Guwahati Regular
4 Sri Prankrishna Tamooli Assistant Director (Technical) Jorhat EC Regular
5 Sri Piyush Shrivastava Scientist-'C' Guwahati Regular
6 Sri Bipul Roy Scientist-'C' Kokrajhar EC Regular
7 Sri Subrata Bora Senior Technical Officer Guwahati Regular
7 Sri Soumya Deb Purkayastha Senior Technical Officer Guwahati CC Regular
9 Sri Kamal Kumar Baglari Senior Technical Officer Guwahati Regular
10 Ms. Jonali Barman Senior Technical Officer Tezpur EC Regular
11 Sri Saurov Mahanta Senior Technical Officer Guwahati Regular
12 Sri Shamik Gupta Bhaya Senior Technical Officer Silchar  EC Regular
13 Sri Mridul Pachani Senior Technical Officer Guwahati Regular
14 Ms. Achunliu Newmai Senior Technical Officer Guwahati Regular
15 Mrs Smriti Rekha Dutta Senior Technical Officer Dibrugarh EC On contract with regular scale of Pay 
16 Sri Sazzad Zahir Senior Technical Assistant
(B) Employees of Non - S&T Section Posted at    
Sl No Name Designation Poasted at Employment Status
1 Sri Nilamani Biswal Deputy Director (Finance) Guwahati CC Regular
2 Sri Dhrubajyoti Deka Assistant Tezpur EC  
3 Mrs Sunny Sharma Assistant Tezpur EC Regular
4 Sri Rana Sharma Assistant Kokrajhar EC Regular
5 Sri Shanu Dey MTS Guwahati Regular