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SW250: Advanced Diploma in PHP & jQuery

Course : Advanced Diploma in PHP & jQuery
Code : SW250
Starting Date : 20 June,2016
Last Date To Apply : 13 June,16
Course Coordinator :

 Reshma CB , Technical Officer, IT Group ,  Email:reshma@calicut.nielit.in ,  Mobile : 9495639330 , Phone:  0495 2287266(ext. 226)

Course Preamble

PHP is a popular open-source technology ideal for quickly developing database-driven Web applications. Creating PHP applications that can respond quickly, avoid unnecessary page reloads, and provide great user interfaces, often requires complex JavaScript techniques. jQuery, one of the most popular JavaScript libraries, simplifies the creation of very powerful and responsive interfaces—all with the minimum of code. PHP on the server side and jQuery on the client side (browser) are a good combination for developing interactive web applications.

Course Objective

This 12 Week intensive training course helps the participants to apply PHP , MySQL, jQuery together to produce effective, interactive Web applications.

Course Outcome

After undergoing this course the participants will be able to develop Web applications using PHP, MySQL and jQuery.

Course Structure

Sl. No Course Modules Weeks
1 HTML,JavaScript,jQuery 3
2 PHP 4
3 PHP & MySQl 1
4 Project 4

Course Contents

HTML, Javascript

HTML, JavaScript – Control statements, functions, arrays, objects, events.

PHP Language

Introduction Why PHP, History, PHP & HTML, PHP Syntax, Variables Constants, Simple Types, Operators, Control Structure – PHP Functions – Syntax, Arguments, Variables, References, Returns, Variable Scope – PHP Arrays – Creating, retrieving, iterating – Exception Handling in PHP -Try catch – PHP String Manipulation – String operators, String Functions- Using cookies in PHP, Session Management using PHP, PHP & XML , XML, DTD, PHP & XML , PHP & AJAX – Working with files and directories, Uploading files, Working with Streams.


MySQL – SQL Tutorial, PHP/MySQL Functions PHP Database – Displaying Queries in Tables.

PHP & jQuery

jQuery Introduction , jQuery Event Handling , Working with PHP & jQuery.


During the 1 month project period, students are required to develop software in any of the areas covered in the course, under the guidance of the faculty. Students can also take up relevant projects from the industry.

Course Fees

Course Fee is Rs. 20,000.


Basic eligibility is BE/B.Tech/M.Sc/MCA/BCA/Diploma/Graduation in any discipline. Students undergoing the course can also apply. Knowledge of any one programming language like C/C++/Java is a prerequisite to attend the course.

Important Dates

Last date to submit the application form: 13-June-2016
Selection Intimation in the web site: 13-June-2016(After 5 PM)
Counseling/Admission: 20-June-2016
Commencement of classes: 20-June-2016

More Details

For more details like How to Apply, Placement, Hostel, etc please see the Course Calendar or Course Brochure(105 kB)

For more Information Contact the Course Coordinator, Reshma CB Email:reshma@calicut.nielit.in , Phone 9495639330, 0495 2287266(ext. 226).