Communication Technology

Communication Technology Department

Department of communication Technology at NIELIT, Aurangabad has Optoelectronics , Test and Measurement and Electronics and Communication laboratories operating under it. These laboratories in addition to giving teaching support to regular, B. Tech ( Electronics System), M. Tech ( electronics Product Design ) and DEPM course also participating in short term or  industry sponsored courses. Department is having faculty, who is having vast experience in the field of technical teaching. 

A) Optoelectronics Lab:

1) Trainers kits for demonstration on Optical Communication

2) Optical breadboard and accessories for measurement and analysis of optical fibers fundamental parameters like loss, NA, profile, sensing applications etc.

3) Optical benches for measurement and study of classical optical components like lances, mirror, grating etc.

4) Range of optical measuring equipments like Power meter, OTDR, attenuator, fusion splicer, High Speed Transmitter Receivers, Network Analyser, LCR meter, Digital Oscilloscope etc.

B) Test and measurement Lab

 The laboratory take care of the practical session of DEPM and  B. Tech ( Electronics System) for the courses related to Analogue Digital electronics, Network System and test and measurements. Labs has number CRO, power supplies, multimeters, experimental setups for a group of 20 to 30  students.









    C) Electronics and Communication Lab

Some of the facilities  available with this lab are Logic analyser​ up to 136 channels, lab view and Elvis board for optical and digital communication; as vitual development environment, high bandwidth Oscilloscopes and spectrum analysers.  Trainers kit for Digital, analog and data communication.


Yashpal Gogia, Department Head & Sc D  D. S. Raje, Sc D Madhusudan Mahato, TO


IT and Networking

Department is having highly motivated team of Engineers not only giving support for software development, network facility to the centre but also implementing the Head office sponsored schemes like CCC, BCC, NDLM, ESDM apart from providing the teaching support to the centre in long term and short term software and networking courses.


A) Software Development lab

Software Development lab ( SDL), is having a having around 25 machines with Windows 8/10 and Linux operating system and latest hardware configuration. Laboratory undertake B. Tech, M. Tech and other course of software engineering under short term and industry sponsored. Lab  is furnished beautifully with power back for the PCs. All the PCs are connected to the institute LAN, with 24 hours access. Laboratory is also getting upgraded/ participating in ISEA - Phase II project ( sponsored by HRD, Deity, New Delhi ).


B) NIELIT Aurangabad Network

NIELIT network provisioning is quite futuristic and well planned, state-of-art facility built to excel the career of students. The Center has central Layer 3 switch CISCO 4507 with 520Tbps backplane switching capacity  and each lab is separate VLAN and connected through fiber optic 10G uplink to central switch.

NIELIT Aurangabad has NKN  1Gbps internet connectivity as prime medium and 10 Mbps BSNL leased line serves as backup link. The center is hosting its own website from the center infrastructure which is 24x7 available.


C) Computer Center

           All the students/ course participants can have an access to the Computer centre any time during the working hours. The centre is  having about 20  computing machines with Windows 8/10 and latest hardware configuration, connected to the central server of the institute  through LAN connectivity.  Centre is always utilising the opportunity to upgrade it to next stage.



Lakshman K. Sc C Y. A. Khan, Pr. P K. S. Choudhary, TO