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National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology

Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology
Government of India
Ref No. Issue Date Subject
1(87)/2017-NIELIT/1211 20 August, 2018 Office Order regarding assignment of additional charge for the post of Director General, NIELIT 326.66 KB
NIELIT/HQ/EST/84/14 (Vol. VII)/1203 14 August, 2018 Office Memorandum regarding following the guidelines for transfer requests 711 KB
NIELIT/HQ/EST/84/14 (Vol. VII)/1199 14 August, 2018 Office order regarding transfer of NIELIT Employees 1.17 MB
1(79)/2017-NIELIT Part File/1179 13 August, 2018 OM regarding issuance of Office Orders for Tour Approvals, training-related orders,tour bill settlement etc. 119.04 KB
1(79)/2017-NIELIT Part File/1175 13 August, 2018 OM related to Link Officers at NIELIT HQs 751.58 KB
1(27)/2011-NIELIT Vol.III/1169 09 August, 2018 Office Order related to probation clearance of NIELIT employees 327.9 KB
1(79)/2017-NIELIT/Part File/1135 01 August, 2018 OM regarding maintaining the office decorum in NIELIT 64.92 KB
1(80)2015-NIELIT/1130 31 July, 2018 OM Regarding discontinuation of 25% of Daily Allowance in case of free boarding and lodging provided to the touring officials 241.23 KB
MIS(11)2017-NIELIT(Civil)/01/7263 30 July, 2018 OM regarding restructuring in the monitoring mechanism of the Building Project Related Matters and adoption of SoP for payment recommendation 949.75 KB
Office Order related to promotion of employees working under NIELIT Chandigarh Centre 30 July, 2018 Office Order related to promotion of employees working under NIELIT Chandigarh Centre 613.54 KB
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