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Acts & rules

    1.    MoA, Rules & Regulations and Bye-laws

            1.1.  Memorandum of Asssociation (MoA) 
            1.2.  Rules and Regulations
            1.3.  Bye-laws

     2.    Service Rules

            2.1   Service Rules
            2.2.  Promotion Policy
            2.3.  Transfer Policy
            2.4.  List of employees and category
            2.5.  Brochure on Preparation & Maintenance of Annual Performance Assessment Report for Central Civil Services

     3.    Delegation of Powers

            3.1.  Governing Council /Management Board / Executive Director / Executive Committee / Director/ Regional Director

     4.    Recruitment Rules of NIELIT

            4.1   Recruitment Rules of NIELIT
            4.2   Revised Recruitment Rules for the Post of Director General 
            4.3   Revised Recruitment Rules for the Post of Registrar
            4.4   Revised Recruitment Rules for the Post of Executive Director and Director
            4.5   Revised Recruitment Rules for the Post of STA in PB-2: Rs 9300-34800, GP Rs 4200
            4.6   Revised Recruitment Rules for the Post of Junior Translation Officer in NIELIT


     5.    Policy of Setting up of New NIELIT Centers

     6.    Committee Constituted for prevention of sexual harassment of women employees at workplace in NIELIT

     7.    A Framework for Transparency Audit