VLSI Design Group


VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) technology has emerged as a very important technology in modern electronics featuring deep sub micron manufacturing processes, low voltage operations, exploding speeds and smart programmable devices sufficient enough to digest ambient conditions to extremes. The electronics industry worldwide is rapidly approaching another revolutionary leap in the global market scenario. Semiconductor technology has crossed the quarter-micron threshold, making tens of millions of transistors available on a single chip equipped with the powerful arm of VLSI design. This imparts the electronics industry a potential to create designs of incredible densities and lightning speeds while utilizing batteries to power them. This has had a phenomenal impact on widespread applications ranging from consumer electronics, communications, and defense to just about everything. VLSI design group offers end-to-end design and development services in VLSI Design, Design Consulting, and System level and Board level Designs including Firmware Development. The group also offers long term and short-term training programs in VLSI design.


  • Full-fledged lab with CADENCE and Mentor Graphics ASIC Frontend and Backend Design Tools, High-end FPGA based Embedded development boards, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, SMD soldering station, High Precision Digital Multimeters, Xilinx, Altera and Mentor Graphics FPGA & PLD Design tools, FPGA & PLD based Demo boards, PCB design tools such as OrCAD Capture, OrCAD PCB Layout Plus, OrCAD Digital Simulator, etc


  • Xilinx FPGA Development Boards(Virtex 6,Spartan 6,Virtex 2,Spartan 3,Spartan 2 etc)
  • Altera Development Boards(Stratix II, Cyclone II,III,IV,V etc)
  • PSoC Development Boards from Cypress Semiconductor
  • Ultrasound Trasmitter,Reciever Boards
  • Logical Analyzer,CROs,Power Supplies, Testing Equipments
  • SMD Soldering Station


  • Mentor Graphics
  • Cadence Tool Suite
  • Xilinx ISE
  • Altera Quartus II
  • PSoC Creator

Microcontroller Tools

  • CY3215-0K-PSoC Development Kit
  • CY8C PSoC Development Kit

 Matlab 7.12.0

  • Simulink
  • Signal Processing Tool Box
  • DSP System Tool Box
  • Communications System Tool Box
  • Image Processing Tool Box
  • Compater Vision System Tool Box
  • Image Acquisition Tool Box
  • Control System Tool Box
  • Fuzzy Logic Tool Box
  • Neural Network Tool Box
  • Fixed Point Tool Box
  • Wavelet Tool Box
  • MATLAB Coder
  • Simulink Coder
  • HDL Coder
  • Filter Design HDL Coder

FPGA Design Tools and Development Boards

  • Modelsim Simulator 10.4
  • Xilinx Plan Ahead 14.5
  • Altera Quartus II 14.1
  • Max II Development Kit (ALTERA)
  • DSP Stratix II Development Kit
  • DSP Development Kit, Cyclone II
  • ALTERA DE1 Development System
  • ALTERA DE2 Development System
  • ALTERA DE0-Nano Boards
  • Spartan 3AN Starter Kit
  • Spartan 6 FPGA SP 605 Evaluation Kit
  • Virtex-6 FPGA-ML605 Evaluation Kit
  • Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA Kit

Measuring Instruments

  • Oscilloscope-20MHz Dual Channel Real Time with Accessories
  • Soldering Station-Temperature Controlled, Weltron S-2000D
  • SMD Re-work Station
  • Digital Multimeter Meco-603
  • Variable DC Power Supply
  • 100MHz Handheld DRT Scope/DMM-Power Scout
  • Function Generator 1MHz
  • Function Generator 20MHz with Digital Display
  • Variable DC Power Supply (Multi Output)
  • Logic analyser-34 Channels


  • Modelsim SE Perpetual
  • Leonardo Spectrum 2003b update 1(MGC)Perpetual
  • FPGA 5.4 2005 2 Perpetual
  • System Vision pro 4.2 2005-2 perpetual
  • Board Station Flow, Perpetual
  • Seamless CVE 5.2 2005.4 HP Sap Perpetual
  • Seamless CVE 5.2 2005.4 Linux Sap Perpetual
  • Platform Express 3.2.0 2005.1 Perpetual
  • Formal Pro V2005.3 Perpetual
  • Seamless CVE 5.4 2005.3 LNX PPC Perpetual
  • Seamless CVE 5.4 2005.3 Linux Others Perpetual


  • Virtuoso Multi-mode Simulation with AP Simulator
  • Virtuoso(R) Schematic Editor XL
  • Virtuoso(R) Analog Design Environment XL
  • Virtuoso(R) Layout Suite XL
  • AMS Designer with Flexible Analog Simulation
  • Virtuoso AMS Designer Verification Option
  • Incisive Enterprise Simulator – XL
  • Encounter RTL compiler
  • Encounter RTL Compiler Low Power Option
  • Encounter Conformal Low Power – XL
  • Encounter (TM) Conformal – XL (a.k.a Conformal Ultra)
  • Encounter Low Power GXL Option
  • Encounter Mixed Signal GXL Option
  • Voltus IC Power Integrity Solution – XL (VTS-XL)
  • Encounter Digital Implementation System XL
  • Tempus Timing Signoff Solution XL
  • Cadence® Physical Verification System Design Rule Checker XL
  • Cadence® Physical Verification System Layout vs. Schematic Checker XL
  • Virtuoso QRC Extraction -X L
  • Virtuoso Liberate Server
  • Virtuoso Liberate Client
  • Virtuoso Variety Server
  • Virtuoso Variety Client
  • Virtuoso Liberate MX Server
  • Virtuoso Liberate MX Client
  • Virtuoso Variety MX Server
  • Virtuoso Variety MX Client
  • Virtuoso Liberate LV Server
  • Virtuoso Liberate LV Client

Training Programs

All India PG Diploma in VLSI & Embedded Hardware Design –AVL500
All India PG Diploma in ASIC Design & Verification–AVL600
PG Diploma in Electronics System Design and Manufacturing- ESDM100
Advanced Diploma in VLSI Physical Design Engineer-PDE100
Certificate Program on Matlab Fundamentals-VL100
Certificate Program on Digital System Design using VHDL-VL200

IP Cores Developed In-House

Ultrasound Array Signal Processor
Ultrasound Backend Processor
Specter Doppler System
Complex Demodulator
Complex Matrix inversion IP Core for Embedded applications
SVD Transform IP Core for imaging applications
Lifting based 2D wavelet transform
Gabor Wavelet Filter
Iris biometric IP
Canny Edge Detection

 Our Thrust Areas

ASIC/FPGA based Embedded System Design

VLSI Signal Processing Architectures

Signal/Image Processing IP Core Development

Crypto IP Core development

Completed Sponsored Projects

Ultrasound Scanner Prototype (B-Mode)

Remote Telemetry for Rain Gauges and Stream Gauges (Sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India)

Low Cost Speech Card Attachment to STD-PCO Monitors for Visually Handicapped (Sponsored by Ministry of Science Justice and Empowerment, Government of India)

Low cost STD-PCO Monitor with built in speech card for visually handicapped (Sponsored by Ministry of Science Justice and Empowerment, Government of India)