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Eligibility:    10th passed

The DETE course is a full time three years (six semesters) Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering course. The Mizoram State Council for Technical Education awards the course. Course Structure of DETE programme includes-

1st Semester
Code    Course

101    Communication in English-I
103    Applied Mathematics-I
105    Engineering Science - I
205    Electrical Circuits
201    Engineering Drawing – I
206    Introduction to IT
203    Workshop Practice – I

2nd Semester
Code    Course

102    Communication in English-II
104    Applied Mathematics-II
106    Engineering Science – II
202    Engineering Drawing – II
203    Workshop Practice – II
402    Electronics Devices & Circuits
403    Digital Fundamentals

3rd Semester
Code    Course

305    Material Science
401    Motors & Control
404    Communication System I
506    Electronics Measurement
407    Pulse & Switching Circuits
410    Personal Computer System Technology


4th Semester
Code    Course

306    Environmental Education
408    Communication System II
409    Fiber Optics Communication
501    Hardware Production Technology
503    Applied Electromagnetics
406    Industrial Electronics and Control
405    Technical Seminar I

5th Semester
Code    Course

411    Introduction to PLC
507    Telecommunication System
508    Data Communication and Networking
505    Microprocessor Programming and Interfacing
512    Microwave Techniques
502    Technical Seminar II

6th Semester
Code    Course

511    Embedded Microcomputer Control
513    Project
510    Broadband Communication
509    Technical Seminar
504    C Programming with LINUX
E 602    [Cellular Technology E-602]
E 603    [Wireless Servicing Technique E-603]